Privacy Policy

The security of your personal information is of utmost importance to us.  Below we will set out the Privacy Policy of Ian Mankin Limited.  For any data that we obtain from you Ian Mankin Ltd is the data controller for the purposes of appropriate data protection laws.

Below we outline what data we use, how it is used and what choices and rights you have in respect of the data that is held.

We are acting in compliance with current data protection laws in the UK and the EU.  Future changes to our Privacy Policy will be published on this page.

enquiring about our products

Enquiring for information, samples or a quotation – you are able to contact us by email, telephone or by completing a form online.  At this time we will ask for some simple contact details (phone number, email and name) as well as recording details of your general or specific requirements.

Our team will then use this information to help find you the appropriate products and communicate options to you.  You may ask for our team to stop providing details of products or offers tailored to your requirements at any point.

ordering products

When ordering products we will record and securely store:

– Customer names

– Contact details such as email address, phone number and address

– Along with details of the products ordered, any information that we may need to note for the fulfilment of your order as well as details of any communication that we may have with you.

After ordering

Third Party Review sites.

We may work with both TrustPilot and Feefo.

Once an order has been completed, we will provide your name, email address and the name of the product ordered to one of the above companies.

Your information is used solely to send a survey on our behalf.  This allows us to measure the effectiveness of our services as well as provide you with an opportunity to quickly and easily provide feedback which we can then act upon as necessary.  Your feedback is published on the appropriate third party site. In each instance, we will be provided with details of who has left feedback, though you will have the option to publish your feedback anonymously so that you cannot be publically identified.  We reserve the right to reply to reviews publically, taking care not to communicate any personal information from which you could be personally identified.

Should you not prefer to be contacted by TrustPilot or Feefo or any other third party site that operates similarly, let us know.  Asking not to be contacted by such parties will not prejudice the service provided to you in any way. If you prefer you may contact our business directly to provide feedback and get any immediate concerns or queries addressed.

communication about your order

It is important that we are able to contact you by email, telephone or letter using the contact details obtained at the time of ordering to keep you updated about your order.  This could be to:

– Pass on any important information about the fulfilment of your order

– To obtain any further information required

– Make you aware of services to complement your specific order

– To provide all appropriate documentation for your order

future marketing

We will only contact you with offers, promotions or details of available products and services under the following circumstances.

– You have provided us with explicit consent to do so

– You have an active enquiry with us

– You have ordered with us and we wish to share with you offers for products that may similarly interest you.

We will use securely held contact information and details of previous activity including that collected digitally (see below) when you have visited our websites.

We may also collect details of how you use any marketing emails that we may send, including whether you open our emails and what actions you take once you have. Such information may be used to determine the marketing messages that you may see.

We assure you that you will always be able to ask us to stop marketing to you at which point any and all direct marketing will cease (with the exception of any campaigns that are currently in the pipeline for despatch – for example direct mailings already submitted for fulfilment).  All marketing emails issued by our business will include an ‘unsubscribe’ link.

Ian Mankin Ltd does not sell, trade or rent your personal details to third parties unconnected to your orders.  Details are provided to suppliers connected to your orders for the purposes of the fulfilment of your orders only.

Digitally collected information

Information collected digitally can include your IP address, data from your browser, cookies (pieces of data stored on your computer) and how our website is used and from what kind of device.  This can be used for a number of purposes, such as providing aggregate information as to how users may access our site to providing a more individualised service, such as displaying our pages in the right language for example.

Your rights to see, delete or amend data held about you

You are entitled to access your personal data held by us at any time. Please email to make such a request.  We will be obliged to offer any appropriate details within 30 days of the request.  Please do advise us if you are seeking a specific piece or pieces of data.

Any concerns about the ongoing processing of data, including any corrections that may need to be made to any information held, should also be directed to

Contact Information: Ian Mankin Ltd, Ashfield Mill, Active Way, Burnley, BB11 1BS

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