Our Loom to Heirloom

Taking inspiration from time-honoured textile crafts, we breathe life into traditional fabrics with contemporary design and skilful creativity. We weave fabrics that represent great value and unbeatable quality, with a focus on natural fibres.

In natural fibres, simplicity and refined beauty reside, and it’s here that true luxury is formed, relying on the quality of the raw materials and skill of the weaver rather than the lure of a passing phase or momentary fad. From a rustic farmhouse to a contemporary apartment, beautifully made, natural fabrics will always have a place; they will always look like home.

Ian Mankin founded the business in 1983; his vision was to take well-made, natural, simple fabrics and bring them into the realm of fashionable and beautiful interiors. He coined the phrase ‘accessible elegance’, which we embrace to this day.

Ian’s influences were always down-to-earth, unpretentious, honest and straightforward. He took his influences from his upbringing, and his choice to develop his collection using natural fibres was simply because synthetic fibres did not exist in his youth. His father was a fabric wholesaler, and he believed that this was the beginning of the idea for his own shop. Ian wanted an uncomplicated approach to the business, even banning computers, credit cards and accounts.  

One of the most significant aims of fabric in Ian’s collections was that you wouldn’t regret your purchase in a season’s time. He loved linens and cotton mix fabrics as they have a soft, lived-in quality that removes ‘the shock of the new’; a freshly hung curtain could look like it had been in place for years. He understood that paying attention to pattern, colour, and quality could create a fabric that, whilst humble, gives the feeling of real luxury: a beautifully crafted and considered fabric that stands the test of time. 

The Ian Mankin brand that you know today has held on to the fundamentals of this; the uncomplicated and straightforward products, natural fibres and craftspeople at the helm.

We had to get a couple of computers, though!

The original Ian Mankin Shop in 1983 located at Primrose Hill, London.⁠

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