Our New Ticking Stripe Fabric Collection: Ticking Archive One

3rd August 2022

The ‘Ticking Archive – One’ from Ian Mankin comprises 50 Ticking Stripe fabrics, including 34 new colours, in two new ground shades of off-white and rustic flax. The collection focuses on the smaller, classic Ian Mankin Ticking.

Designed and skilfully woven in Lancashire, these ever-popular fabrics have a classic design style guaranteed to endure ever-changing trends and offer a durability that can withstand the pressures of modern living.

Ian Mankin Ticking Archive One Collection Ticking Stripe Day Bed, Mattress and Cushions Landscape

Rule-breaking Colour

Due to popular demand, we have introduced some bright colours that are quite uncustomary for us. We have also expanded classics, ensuring that there is a complementing ticking to go with all Ian Mankin fabrics…and beyond.

Yellow and orange have long been an interior staple for creating a happy home. Since these refreshing, summery hues are not going anywhere fast, we have expanded this colour palette to include Apricot, Lemon, Ochre and Orange.

Ticking sofa and cushions

The Cerise, Aqua, Violet and Apple colourways work naturally together for a vibrant, eclectic mix or can be used alone for a bold and unique statement piece.

Ticking fabrics on bed with fabric canopy

Breaking New Ground

Our feature ticking stripes in this collection use a rustic flax ground; these fabrics work tonally across much of the Ian Mankin range but are bold enough to stand alone as the hero.

Ticking fabrics in bedroom

Our Loom to Heirloom

Ian Mankin has been selling ticking stripe fabrics in the UK since 1983. Ian’s vision was to take well-made, natural, simple fabrics and bring them into the realm of fashionable and beautiful interiors. He coined the phrase ‘accessible elegance’, which is embraced today.

By sidestepping fad and fast fashion, our designs endure. We create the perfect canvas to celebrate individual tastes and personal styles. Our designs are classic with an edge of formality; stripes, symmetry and beautifully considered construction are front and centre of our style.

Debbie Fish, Marketing and Business Development Manager

All Ian Mankin ticking fabrics have been crafted with a durable herringbone weave in 100% cotton. This gives them a beautiful handle and uniform pattern, making them highly practical on upholstery, curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. Tickings are also widely used as a fun, unexpected addition to interior furnishings such as curtain lining, lampshades and baskets, piping trims, cabinet curtains and tableware. To learn more about our 100% cotton ticking stripe fabrics, read our blog ‘What is a Ticking Stripe Fabric?‘.

Christina Wright Weaving our Ticking Stripe 1 Tutti Frutti Fabric
Christina Wright Weaving

Designing with the loom helps us to develop an aesthetic that is unequivocally Ian Mankin. An elegant, enduring style combined with the high quality of our fabrics and home accessories means our products are made to last.

Simon Blackley, CEO

Ian Mankin intends to continue developing this range to ensure that there is a ticking fabric to suit all schemes. You can trust that these fabrics will endure years of wear and tear in any busy household and the passing of trends and tastes.

The applications are endless, limited only by your imagination.

To discover all 50 of our ticking colourways, visit our Ticking Archive One Collection online.

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