How to Layer our Coast Fabrics in Your Home

23rd October 2018

In recent years layering multiple fabric textures, colours and patterns has become key to creating an interior that is welcoming with visual and textural interest. Although, when it comes to choosing which fabrics to layer within an interior scheme it is often extremely challenging.

Coast throw

Select Various Tones

Whether you want to add a subtle pop of colour or be bold with a geometric pattern on a key piece, there are hundreds of ways to layer the Coast fabric collections hues, designs and textures to ensure that your home has a unique and timeless look that will never go out of style. Take a look below on how to incorporate multiple fabrics within this collection into your home along with a refreshing coastal vibe.

Cobalt, indigo and chalky hues are prominent throughout this collection. If you are thinking about creating a stately focal point, consider selecting the bolder cobalt colours on a key piece or as accents to build the story – use the subtle shades as an anchor to add warmth and provide a peaceful, relaxing ambience. For a neutral scheme, the oatmeal and mist colourways work well together and are the perfect fit for virtually any environment. The cool chalk colourway brings a fresh new Ian Mankin colourway to the scheme whilst providing a perfect contrast to the bold cobalts. Whether your go-to colour is the bright cobalt or the core chalky hues, it is important to consistently return to it while decorating for a cohesive look.

Consider Different Design Styles

At the forefront of Coast are striking geometric repeats in ChevronKnotMaze and Wave – these can be used together in the stronger hues to provide significant points of interest or alongside our signature striped and plain fabrics to create a visual balance. Interesting patterns such as BudeTruro and Whitby as well as rich textured plain fabrics: HayleFiley and Seaton work well as a backdrop for the bold, intricate patterned designs. Don’t be afraid to combine multiple depths of stripes together; mixing different variations in similar tones can be considered a convenient way to bring quality, personal style and a timeless appeal to any living space. Stripes are what Ian Mankin is famous for, the striped Coast designs which can be used together to suit a diverse theme include Lytham StripeLulworth StripeMoffat StripeSalcombe StripeTenby Stripe and Troon Stripe. In addition, complementing these fabrics with a checked design, for instance the Coast Hemsby Check provides a delicate soft edge to the striped fabrics to further enhance any interior setting.

Mix Multiple Textures & Textiles

Layering via composition is another key element to consider when decorating. Incorporating soft textures using a mixture of chunky textured chenilles and gossamer, lightweight linen sheers, such as our Helford StripeNewlyn Stripe and Padstow designs produce a tactile and cosy space. Furthermore, a combination of contrasting textures can work in complete harmony to make the scheme both liveable and alive with possibilities. Teaming together linen sheers with a contrasting heavyweight cotton are becoming increasingly popular to create three-dimensional depth and a fresh look without being too overpowering.

Ultimately, a combination of dramatic blocks of colour, pattern and texture can be introduced via upholstery, curtains and blinds or a subtle highlight in the form of an accessory. It is important to consider using a mixture of all of the fabric designs in different colour strengths and quantities to suit your décor.

Looking to bring your Coast ideas to life?

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