Feature Wall Wallpaper Ideas and Inspiration

2nd March 2022

Feature wall wallpaper is a simple yet effective way to transform any room in your home instantly. It will add detail and personality while also creating warmth, texture, dimension and drama. If you’re thinking of embracing maximalist design, an accent feature wall in bold designs and contrasting colours is all you need! To find out more about using our feature wallpapers and for some helpful design tips, keep reading.

Feature Wallpaper Ideas and Inspiration

It’s all about stripes

Stripes are the design we are known for, but not only for our fabrics. Striped wallpaper can help any space look and feel bigger, making it a go-to design for all styles of interiors. The timeless design and traditional colours make our striped wallpaper versatile for all ages. What’s even better is that it will last for years and years without looking outdated!

Striped wallpaper
From left to right – Kew Baltic Peony Wallpaper, Oxford Stripe Peony Wallpaper, Lincoln Stripe Peony Wallpaper

Our Ticking Stripe wallpaper translated from the iconic material of the same name is a popular choice. Ticking stripe wallpapers are ideal for pairing with contrasting patterns and bold colours, making them a brilliant choice for a children’s bedroom. It brings a fun atmosphere to any room and allows you to get playful with different colours! @studioleat perfectly showcases this using our Ticking Stripe 1 Peony wallpaper (below). The contrasting red shelving really makes the feature wallpaper pop! All of our ticking stripe wallpapers sit beautifully against bright block colours and contrasting patterns alike.

Ticking Stripe 1 Peony Wallpaper
Image: @studioleat

Alternatively, for a bold stripe, our Salesbury Stripe Black will create a striking statement as a feature wall (see dining room below). Inspired by our elegant Devon Stripe Black fabric, this monochromatic design draws the eye and sets the tone for the whole interior. As you can see below, accessorising this setting using complementary colours helps accentuate this wallcovering. Visit our website to explore our full range of striped wallpapers and order swatches.

Salesbury Stripe Black Wallpaper
Salesbury Stripe Black Wallpaper

fresh and floral feature wallpaper

Florals continue to be an ever-present trend, especially for this upcoming spring. Using floral wallpaper can be fresh and contemporary – it all depends on how you use it! Try stepping away from realistic colours and experiment with darker palettes like our Kew Charcoal and Wildflower Charcoal for a touch of drama while keeping your room feeling up-to-date and energised. Suppose you want to go bold. Go bold! Commit to the design, make a statement, and use our feature wallpaper on all four walls.

If you’re not feeling so brave, why not explore inversing colours of the same wallpaper design? The moodboard below showcases the possibilities for layering our vibrant Kew Navy with the inverse design of the same colour Kew Baltic Navy. This feature wall wallpaper combination could be used interchangeably throughout a room, as a contrast in alcoves or perhaps divided with panelling or a dado rail – the possibilities are endless!

From left to right – Kew Navy Wallpaper, Kew Baltic Navy Wallpaper and Oakham Navy Wallpaper

When using floral wallpaper, it is essential to consider the rest of the room. If you already have floral furniture, perhaps a contrasting pattern like a plain stripe would fit the space better. Too much floral can have a dizzying effect and make the room feel a tad overwhelming. We love how @janiecritchleyphotography has used our Kew Baltic Mint to create an elegant focal point in this en-suite bathroom. This floral print has been carefully paired with a block oval mirror and geometric accessories to help modernise the pattern and keep it fresh.

Abstract prints and graphic shapes for structure and calm

Not a fan of florals; fear not! We have a wonderful collection of abstract prints and muted plains full of delicate texture. A feature wallpaper doesn’t necessarily mean bold; subtle texture can be a feature as a vibrant print. Instead of paint, why not use plain wallpapers like our Epsom Grey or Herringbone Flax on your walls to bring soft depth to your room.

Creating a sanctuary in our homes has become a design focus since the start of the pandemic. Curating a space where we feel comforted and calm is crucial for mental wellbeing, and here’s how feature wallpapers can help. According to Homes & Garden’s recent blog, geometric forms help create security and structure, introducing a grounded feel in our interiors. This is why monochromatic graphic feature wall wallpapers are set to be a standout trend for 2022. Our Acton wallpaper design (featured below) offers exactly this comfort and is available in three beautiful neutrals CharcoalGrey and Oatmeal.

Acton Grey Wallpaper

Handy hints and tips for feature wallpaper

Paste the wall wallpaper provides a more substantial wallcovering that is easier to apply and remove. For advice on the best ways to use our wallpaper, Living etc. have created a handy blog full of hints and tips for hanging wallpaper and all of the prep work involved! Be selective with which wall you choose. Pick the wall that is already the focal point in the room. Try not to choose walls with windows or doors, as this will break up the pattern, and the effect on the print could get lost.

For a north-facing room, try and stick to a lighter coloured wallcovering as this room will naturally be darker than a south-facing room. There are also a few clever ways to use feature wallpaper for small spaces to make the room’s appearance bigger. Using a striped wallpaper can make the room feel lengthened or higher depending on whether you use the stripe vertically or horizontally.

Once ordering your wallpaper sample from us, put it up on your wall and live with it for a few days to see how it looks at different times of the day. Sometimes it’s challenging to visualise how a large-scale pattern will look. We can arrange to send you larger swatches to help you figure out which feature wallpaper works best; simply email your request to

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