Cocooning: Seeking Sanctuary in Your Home

18th December 2020

Would you like to retreat from the cold winter nights and awkwardness of social distancing? Then why not take advantage of the home confinements of the pandemic and start “cocooning”? Cocooning is a new trend to turn those covid blues into wholesome views. Using a hygge combination of beautiful decorations and cosy furniture in natural colourways can help transform your home into a calming haven to keep you safe over the winter months.

layers of cushions on sofa

The psychology of cocooning

Cocooning is a booming trend that allows you to protect yourself from the outside world by retreating to the safety of your own four walls. Whilst it’s easy to focus on the negatives of the pandemic, embracing your surroundings to make the most of time spent at home is the key to achieving a positive mental environment. Use hygge interior design concepts to create a cosy, comfortable home and give yourself the time to slow down and live in the moment. Turning your home into a gorgeous “cocoon” can transform this unique opportunity of time alone into happy and peaceful experiences.

Now, let’s see how you can make your house your happy place with these hygge design tips and tricks.

Start with the bedroom

With the pandemic making bedrooms more multifunctional than ever, this room should be your main focus when trying to achieve the perfect hygge. Indulge yourself in luxury bedding and quality accent pieces like fluffy cushions and large throws to transform your sleeping area into the most blissful and comforting den that you will hate to leave. Don’t shy away from natural shades; these should form the bulk of your colour scheme. If you’re looking for inspiration, combine a few of our simple plain and subtle striped cushions with a large cotton throw to perfectly accent your bed and help achieve a cosy scene. 

Keep your privacy with some soft beige curtains, interlined with blackout lining to keep out the winter weather. 

cocooning bedroom

Layers, layers, layers!

Comfy jumpers and warm thermals are a must at this time of year, but don’t forget to layer your home with warming tones too to keep your atmosphere toastie this winter! Start with a white coating on the walls for a crisp, calm base and incorporate warm wood accents to bring you closer to nature and create a rustic look. Top off this sense of warmth by layering different shades of rich brown on top of deep terracotta and mustard tones for depth and interest. This can be easily achieved with our gorgeous plain Campbell cushions in gold and bronze shades. Alternatively, to get a more textured look try this Perth cushion in rust or add a touch of luxury with velvet in dark flax and russet.  

Don’t be afraid to layer textures as well. A beige weave rug can provide a comforting focus to lower points of the room, whilst laying a gorgeous Merino Lambswool Blanket over the back of the sofa can add subtle colour whilst functioning as a cosy body warmer in the colder months.  

Lights, candles, action.

If you want to make your rooms even cosier, a few discrete bursts of soft light are preferable to one main source. Incorporate several luxury scented candles along empty surfaces and settle in on cosy evenings with a natural homely scent. Candles and their ambient glow can help you to embody the cocooning mentality. In the aim of achieving optimal “zen”, place a minimalist fireplace as a focal point in your sitting room – a glowing fire on a cold winter night can help you unwind and achieve the ultimate hygge. For a simpler trick, install LED bulbs with a warm white setting and dimmers to create a peaceful ambience. 

Spa bathroom

Make sure you have lots of salts and bubbles to enhance your bathtime ritual. Snuggle into a hot steamy bath and wind down from a tough day’s work. Your bathroom should feel like an oasis that takes you away from the troubles of day to day life. Ensure a plush mat is placed next to the bath for your bare feet to cosy up on and invest in some luxury fluffy towels in neutral shades to wrap up in afterwards. 

light and bright bathroom

Less is (much) more

When it comes to furniture, minimalism is key. Invest in some star pieces that are both aesthetic and functional – clever storage cabinets disguised within furniture, multi-function desks that pull out to large tables and fun lighting that acts as a statement sculpture can all add to the hygge aesthetic.
Avoid carpeted floors and opt for a sleek wooden finish or plain base to create the perfect Scandinavian vibe. Wooden floors give a sense of zen and bring the outside in, recreating the feeling of being grounded to earth whilst remaining simple and serene.

linen dining table

Keep it clean in the kitchen

To achieve a streamlined feel throughout the house, make sure the kitchen is clean and neutral. Wooden finishes here are also preferable or opt for a calming dim toned blue or natural shade on the cabinets to avoid distraction. For accent pieces, include matte textures such as clay dishware and add small plants to incorporate more natural elements into your space. 

table mat and dishes

Taking a step back and enjoying these quieter moments in our lives is more important now than ever before. Embrace the chance to retreat and give yourself permission to relax.  

If you’re looking for more inspiration to make your home into a peaceful cocoon, explore our natural home accessories and add a touch of hygge to your life. 

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