The Zero Waste Initiative

This is the start of a series of initiatives to develop creative and environmentally friendly ways of reducing our waste such as yarns and offcuts. This particular exercise takes surplus yarns that are left over from the sampling process or unused in previous collections and turns them into stunning fabrics with sustainability at their heart. Not an easy task when there are such small amounts of some of the yarns but a challenge that our designers accepted with determination.


Blinds (22)
Curtains (22)
Cushions (22)
General Upholstery (17)
Headboards (11)
Light Upholstery (10)
Table Linens (4)
Product Type
Fabric (23)
Colour Group
Checked (3)
Floral (1)
Plain (11)
Striped (7)
100% Cotton (10)
100% Linen (2)
100% Wool (2)
Cotton Mix (6)
Linen Mix (7)
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