Woven Fabric

Discover our selection of woven fabrics and braids in striped, checked, geometric, textured plain and floral designs in a range of contemporary colours. All suitable across the board for curtains, blinds, upholstery and cushions.

How are woven fabrics made?
All our woven fabrics are manufactured on a weaving loom at our Burnley-based mill and made up of a ‘warp’ and ‘weft’. The warp yarns make the length of a fabric and weft yarns are interlaced across the warp yarns then locked into place on the weaving loom to create a truly durable fabric.


Blinds (317)
Contract Upholstery (28)
Curtains (344)
Cushions (328)
General Upholstery (307)
Headboards (94)
Light Upholstery (78)
Table Linens (5)
Trim (14)
Abstract (6)
Checked (37)
Ditsy (4)
Floral (26)
Geometric (22)
Plain (73)
Striped (135)
Textured Plain (62)
100% Cotton (98)
100% Linen (43)
100% Wool (14)
Cotton Mix (98)
Linen Mix (142)
Recycled Cotton (4)
Wool Mix (14)
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