Linen Upholstery Fabric: The Natural Choice for Every Room

27th July 2021

The future is bright and most definitely comfy with linen upholstery fabric! Linen is having a moment. More and more of us are spending time making our home as welcoming and positive as possible. After all, they are the spaces in which we express ourselves and build comfortable environments for our families and friends. It’s all about creating the perfect place to sit and unwind after a long day. From the kitchen table to the family sofa, here’s all you need to know about introducing this timeless natural fibre into any room of your home.

linen upholstery in studio

From Flax to Furniture

There are lots of reasons why linen is perfect for upholstery; its natural beauty and ability to stand up to everyday use being the most important. Here’s why, when you’re selecting your upholstery fabric that linen should be at the forefront of your mind:

The Sustainable Choice

Did you know that linen upholstery fabric is the most sustainable fabric to use for furniture? Growing flax (the plant that produces linen fibres) requires less intensive farming, processes, fertilisers and water than cotton, making it a fantastic choice for upholstery. Explore our recent blog ‘5 Reasons to Choose Linen Fabric in Interiors‘ to find out more about this must-have upholstery fabric.

Linen also has antibacterial qualities; it naturally absorbs moisture without holding bacteria, making it an excellent choice for lounging on if you struggle with allergies. Reliable and dependable, it is favoured for being one of the oldest fabrics used by mankind and keeping your upholstery feeling fresh and clean all year round. Our Linen 25 Plain Rustic is a timeless neutral that lends itself particularly well to a sofa. Easy to live with, it allows you to be creative with interchangeable scatter cushions in almost any colour. For an inviting splash of colour, Angus Stripe Cushion in Navy could be the perfect solution; it’s a classic design with a calming mood.

Cream linen upholstery fabric

Stands the Test of Time

Part of the appeal of Linen is that it gets better with age; taken good care of, it can last for many years. Linen is about 30% stronger than cotton, making it an incredibly hard-wearing fabric that will last for several decades on any piece of furniture. Linen fibres are also much longer, so you don’t need to worry about dust, lint and fuzz bombarding your space like they might on a cotton, wool or leather sofa. If you like the idea of an upholstered armchair or headboard to create a stunning focal point in your bedroom, try a textured fabric combining multiple colours, such as our Perth Violet.  This tightly woven design offers beauty and endless texture (visit our website to discover all 40 colourways of Perth).

mauve linen blend chair

A Dream to Clean

Linen is well suited to a busy family home due to the fact that its softness improves over time. It’s relatively low maintenance, but like every upholstery fabric, it does benefit from regular care. Removing surface dirt by vacuuming upholstered furniture at least once a month will help it last even longer. Slipcovers using our linen fabrics are generally washable at 30 degrees, but please consult your maker beforehand. If you’re in doubt, they should be dry-cleaned to avoid shrinkage. For a rustic style kitchen with everyday use, consider removable chair covers in our 1485 Hemsby Check Monarch Blue fabric from our recent 1485 collection with The Landmark Trust.

blue check linen chairs

Luxurious Look

Linen has always been considered a luxury in interiors. Whether you’re visiting a five-star hotel or a Michelin star restaurant, the chances are you’ll be surrounded by pure linen. In addition to the above qualities, linen has its own distinct style, which will enhance any home’s interior décor. It’s the natural wrinkles and crumples of pure linen that indicate its charming quality. If you take a closer look at our Stirling Stripe Flax fabric below, you can see just how hard-wearing, lustrous and elegant linen upholstery material is.

linen fabric

Whether you want bold upholstery for a commanding feature piece or small-scale finishing touches to compliment your existing style, linen upholstery fabric is available in numerous designs and colours to suit every room style. The options are endless when it comes to the use of linen!

Remember, an upholstered piece of furniture, like a sofa, armchair or bed, is one of the most significant purchases you will make for your home. So, it is vital to spend time choosing the most suitable fabric that you won’t get fed up with.

Don’t be afraid to try before you buy! Order our samples online to touch and feel the quality of different linen upholstery fabrics. If you can’t decide between a couple of your favourites, you can also order returnable samples measuring 0.5 cms via email at

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