Avoiding Home Furnishing Waste by Buying Well

9th November 2019

Avoiding sending waste to landfill and ensuring that you are buying well-considered, high-quality home furnishings that will last a lifetime, instead of impulse purchases you instantly regret is an absolute must. Our throwaway culture in the UK has to end! When you are ready for a change, then make sure you do it sustainably, consider reinventing yesterday’s trash as tomorrow’s treasure or donating your unwanted goods to allow someone else to admire them again.

Why It Is Important to Buy Well

In the UK we are currently sending over 50% of reusable furniture to landfill, equating to over 22 million pieces of furniture every year. It is evident that we need to do something soon; doing nothing is only making the situation worse! Visit our recent blog if you’d like to find out more about how this issue is having a significant impact on our natural environment.

Buying home furnishings that last can be expensive, but if you think about the cost-saving over time and then it does pay off to spend a little more in the first instance. Quite frankly, a lot of our impulsive buys often look hideous after a couple of months because it is either a fast-changing trend or not something that you actually want.

Investing in quality homewares made from natural, organic or recycled materials have a positive impact on the environment in comparison to man-made materials. Ultimately, you can be sure that you’re taking a step towards helping farming families, eliminating hazardous pesticides and saving precious water. To find out more about our decision to ensure that all of our fabrics are made from natural, recycled or certified organic fibres, read this article ‘British Woven Fabrics Using Organic Cotton Yarn‘.

Products with sustainability at their heart can easily be recycled and turned into products with a new, purposeful life, limiting the amount of furniture waste that’s sent to landfill each year.  

Ensuring that your purchase will offer value for life and endures changing trends provides it with the opportunity to be passed down as a family heirloom to future generations. If this is something you’re thinking of, make sure you remember that heirloom quality furniture and home accessories are only as precious as the time and effort you put into maintaining them over time. Keep them away from young children and pets – you should be fine! 

Home furnishings made from local materials that have been sustainably sourced are becoming increasingly popular as we become more eco-conscious. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit Real Homes to discover why shopping responsibly and sustainably is an essential consideration for your decorating scheme this year.

wool upholstery. buying well

If you must change your home furnishings, do it sustainably!

When you feel that it really is time to refresh your home with a new look, why not consider your options of upcycling first? Recovering a piece of furniture with a new fabric can totally transform the look and feel of any interior – it’s also the most sustainable, cost-effective option when it comes to redecorating. If you’re looking to upcycle, repair and personalise your home accessories this year, take inspiration from Livingetc on how to do it best!

Our recently launched 1485 collection in association with The Landmark Trust is a perfect example for breathing new life into an old piece of furniture. This collection of fabrics inspired by The Landmark Trust’s portfolio of buildings are fantastic if you want to create a rustic style interior that will look good for years to come, not weeks.

Cotton kitchen furnishings

If reupholstering your current furniture isn’t going to cut the mustard, make sure you rehome your unwanted home furnishings rather than send them to landfill. After all, what’s your old is someone else’s new! It is easy to donate your pre-loved items to a charity organisation like The British Heart Foundation (BHF), book a free collection online or give them a call on 0300 330 3322 to join the Reuse Revolution. Supporting this charity will also make you feel fabulous because you’ve helped to raise funds for life-changing and life-saving research into heart and circulatory diseases.

Need help finding quality home furnishings?

Good quality will probably cost you more, but at least you’ll know that your purchase avoids fast fashion and leads the way for a more sustainable future. According to House & Garden, getting it right the first time is crucial! At Ian Mankin, we have a trusted network of designers and makers to help you create the most stunning upholstered furniture and soft furnishings, visit our stockist page to find one in your area.

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