A New Take on Naturals: Decorating with Warm Earth Tones

23rd March 2022

This new palette embraces colours found within our natural surroundings, nature-inspired hues that bring a sense of warmth and calm into your life.

Earthy colours

Grounding colours

Earthy shades of green moss, weathered wood and muted naturals are combined with rich mustard and sweetened brown tones to create an environment that’s comfortable with a humble beauty. Ultimately, it is a minimal colour palette that’s easy on the eye and uses authenticity, honesty and practicality to create truly liveable interiors.

As we live in an unpredictable world, there is an ongoing mood of uncertainty and consumers are craving sanctuary. By bringing the outside in, you can recreate the feeling of being grounded to the earth. With the added bonus of a cosy fireplace and your favourite blanket!

This trend also recognises the importance of sustainability worldwide and the need to endure changing tastes and fashions to create interiors you will love to live with for years. A space that feels like home – not a showhome. The idea behind this is to ‘buy once and buy well’, ensuring that the products you choose are ones you genuinely love, rejecting fast fashion and throwaway culture to create a space in which you can be yourself.

It’s honest and humble… and also minimises your impact on the environment.

Ticking Fabrics from Our Rustic and Antique Ticking Ranges

With this in mind, the warming colours within this pure palette aim to offer you a positive outlook on life and influence your interior to make it feel like a comfortable place to relax, unwind and indulge. In particular, fabrics with pattern and tactility are favoured due to their ability to bring you in touch with nature and stimulate your senses.

Russet Brown

Spicy, sweetened brown has a powerful impact in small proportions. If you’re looking to bring a subtle burst of colour into your home that’s not too overwhelming and will look beautiful all year round, consider using this rich shade that picks up on the colours of weathered leaves. Paired with worn wood, terracotta floors, ceramic tableware like seen below from Dantes Ceramics, and other natural tones soften the palette, creating balance and allowing the mixing of old and new pieces to be effortless. A great example of this can be seen using our 1485 Herringbone Russet as an accent trim alongside Peake’s Check Parchment and Warden Stripe Whey fabrics.

If you’re feeling brave, opt for a monochromatic style interior by layering multiple shades of this hue to create a unique look! Try using Chelsea Sienna and Langley Russet.

nature inspired living room


Naturally warming this dull yellow tone is inspired by natural turmeric and mustard spices. It’s a more sophisticated take on Pantone’s Gen-Z Yellow and works well alongside warm parchment hues as it does with russet and multi-textured earthy green and grey tones. It is incredibly easy to live with due to its ability to complement a variety of different colours. Consider using a textured plain such as 1485 Herringbone Mead for an eye-catching backdrop, layer this scheme up with our 1485 Ticking Stripe Russet fabric and other bold designs to transform your interior completely. If you’re not feeling so brave and bold, team this fabric alongside subtle designs like Laughton MeadCawood Mead and Perth Ochre.

Mustard colour palette


Warm taupe is a gentle neutral shade that will instantly make any room feel cosy. It works well across all interior styles as a backdrop to bolder décor and alongside all colours in this trend. Try this out for yourself with our Warden Stripe WheyPeake’s Check ParchmentParish House Whey, Langley WheyLaughton Court Grey and Ivory & Natural collection fabrics – the possibilities with this shade are endless due to their hardworking, serviceable quality!

Taupe colour palette

If you’re looking to incorporate this trend into your home, browse our collection: 1485 in association with The Landmark Trust.

To find out more about our decision to ensure that all of the natural 100% cotton yarns that we source are either certified organic or recycled, visit this article ‘British Woven Fabrics Using Organic Cotton Yarn‘.


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